10 11 12 August 2017

travel to leefest

LeeFest is easily accessible from London, Brighton, Maidstone, Canterbury, Bromley, Croydon, Kent, Surrey & Sussex. 

John Darlings Farm


Take a train to Edenbridge Station or Tonbridge Station then hop on one of our frequent shuttle buses running to and from the festival site.

London Victoria to Edenbridge: 45 mins
Croydon to Edenbridge: 30 mins
Brighton to Edenbridge: 1 hour

Hastings to Tonbridge: 45 mins
Bromley to Tonbridge: 35 mins
Tunbridge Wells to Tonbridge: 10  mins
Maidstone to Tonbridge: 30 mins
Canterbury to Tonbridge: 1 hour

When does the shuttle bus run?

The shuttle bus runs Thursday through to Sunday from Edenbridge Station and Tonbridge station to and from the festival site. The full timetable will be published closer to the event.


There is parking available at LeeFest – it costs £10 per car. If you plan on driving please try to share your ride with as many other people as possible. We will offer a liftshare service closer to the event.


LeeFest takes place in the Weald of Kent, a famous and popular cycling area with beautiful lanes and vistas. Please do consider cycling to the festival. There will be secure space to lock your bike up in the campsite.

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