10 11 12 August 2017

A genuine mini version of Glastonbury.


The ultimate party!


Lee's story has been compared to that of Michael Eavis who started Glastonbury.

BBC, Radio 1

Here’s a few words about why we do what we do, and what’s important to us when we are doing it.

Never Grow Old

So many people seem to stop growing because they grow old. We believe that festivals can be life changing experiences, because of the sense of curiosity and wonder they inspire with anyone attending. Festivals offer not only the opportunity

New Music, New Arts, New Ideas

We invest heavily in new music, new artists, new ideas. This requires us to take a lot of risks with the festival budget but we believe that new ideas need a lot of support and encouragement; we stand to benefit from both the successes and the failures.

An Unpretentious Party

Our favourite ever quote about the festival was when The Guardian described it as “A perfect, unpretentious party vibe’. LeeFest is a chance to just party with your fellow wonderful humans. Embrace it. Embrace each other.

Awesome People

LeeFest is a growing community of awesome people who are motivated to make things happen for their own creative satisfaction and/or for others enjoyment. The best bit of feedback we receive each year is that it feels like one big family by the end of the weekend 🙂

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